Eye Floaters

Finally, please see below some important information of the Federation of Ophthalmologists in Germany (Bundesverband der Augenärzte Deutschland e.V.):

Do not unnecessarily worry about a vitreous opacity. However, you should know three important security measures for yourself, your family, your friends and acquaintances:

  1. If you see something that interferes with your vision, visit your eye care professional so they can exclude much rarer possible pathological causes and put your mind at ease.
  2. Have your eyes checked regularly – from the age of 40 years on, at least once a year, because there are eye diseases that threaten vision and aren`t noticeable. Only your eye care professional can recognize them in good time.
  3. If your “floaters” suddenly occur in dense swarms, you should see your eye care professional precautionally (if this is not possible, please go to see the next hospital emergency department) as this can be an early sign of a retinal detachment. Another serious warning sign of retinal detachment is the appearance of light flashes. The risk of retinal detachment can be averted easily and quickly with help of a prompt laser treatment. This also applies to other striking phenomena as black sooty rain or if a curtain seems to be obscuring a part of your field of vision.

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